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Dilek I

Science, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

Majors: Ceramic Engineering

Other Certificates: M. Sc.: Materials Science and Engineering; PhD: Metallurgical Engineering

About Me



Success in the early ages bring confidence to the student which effects their success in their future education. I believe that success comes from the self-confidence of the student. I prefer ensuring that the student likes studying and fully grab and understand the basic concepts. In the mean time, it must be a fun experience for the student.


I have a PhD degree in Metallurgical Engineering at the Ecole Polytehnique de Montreal. I obtained my M.Sc. degree in Materials Science and Engineering. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Engineering. In addition, I entered many test type exams and took private courses during the time I prepared for them; this also helped me to gain a good understanding of test techniques.


I trained Bachelor and graduate degree students in a hands-on laboratory for 7 years.


I sing classical music with a choir. I am still continuing to learn flute(traverse). I go to the gym, do yoga, ballet barre and walk to stay fit. I also took part as a organizer in welcome spring parties during my bachelor degree.
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