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Douglas Y

Math, Science Tutor

Frostburg State University

Majors: Physics

Minors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: M.A., Teaching; Teaching Certification: Oregon, Virginia

About Me



Being able to relate abstract concepts to students in imperative. Making ideas concrete and real is how students will view them as important. Students will not learn unless the see something as important. Any student can learn a concept if they feel like it is important enough to learn and they work hard at it.


I spent 4 years in Frostburg, MD studying Physics and Mathematics. After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2004, I then attended Frostburg State University’s Hagerstown campus to obtain my Master’s Degree in Teaching.

Math and Physics are traditionally difficult subjects and being able to struggle, yet still work through problems, is something that I bring the table as a teacher. My masters GPA while studying education was a 3.9.


I have 7 years of experience teaching. I taught 1 year of special education and 2 years of middle school math and middle school science in Prospect, Oregon. Since then, I have been in Richmond, Va teaching high school Math and Physics. Teaching the wide range of ages and topics (6-12, science and math)has provided me with a wealth of experience. It also makes me feel as if I can teach anything given to me.


I coached football while in Prospect for 1 year. I participated in track, cross country and lacrosse while in high school. I also have a lot of experience in photography and amateur astronomy. All of these things bring experiences to my classroom and help me to relate to my students.