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Edward F

Math, English, Languages, SAT Tutor

University of Prince Edward Island

Majors: English Literature

Other Certificates: M.A., Applied Linguistics; CELTA Certification

About Me



Focus on the student first, the subject second. The student can learn anything on their own if they know themselves and how to be motivated. The teacher is there to teach how to learn using the subject as a vehicle.


I have devoted most of my formal education to English Literature. However, the bulk of my education has been reading English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching texts on my own time with the objective of improving my teaching practice. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and my Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics. I am also CELTA certified.


I have taught ESL in Japan for 3 years; in Canada for 5 plus years. During these episodes, I taught writing, conversation, reading, grammar, vocabulary, business English and even films. In Canada, I taught in a fast paced private school so I learned to deal with ever-changing class composition.


I like math and sketching. I find a kind of inner peace with contemplating math puzzles, although I have never tried to complete high level courses in it. Similarly sketching quiets the mind. I also enjoy spending time with my kids.
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