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Elisabeth D

Math, Science, English, Languages Tutor

Le Moyne College

Majors: Education

Minors: Special Education

Other Certificates: MST, Childhood Education 1-6, Students with Disabilities 1-6

About Me



I believe every student deserves an equal education. I also believe, equal does not mean fair and fair isn’t always equal. Every student should have the same opportunity to learn the same curriculum as his or her fellow students, but how he or she comes to learn this curriculum, should be fair according to their ability.
Not every student is equal in learning ability, just as not every student will learn well using one method of teaching. This means the teacher has the responsibility to understand the needs of each and every student and what types of learning can apply to the each student. It is the utmost importance the teacher creates a connection with each of her students. I believe these relationships are in direct connection with the students’ academic success.

Differentiating the curriculum is a necessity in every classroom. Because each student will learn at a different pace, begin their process at a different level, and possibly be a different type of learner, i.e. audible, kinesthetic, visual, each student will require a different approach to a lesson plan. It isn’t fair to expect a student to learn at the level you want them to be, but rather accept a student for where they are and give them the tools to be successful.


I graduated from LeMoyne College with an MST in Childhood Education 1-6/Students with Disabilities 1-6. I am eager for the opportunity to share my creativity with and understanding of the Common Core, formative assessments, and differentiated instruction.


I have taught all elementary grades and have tutored up to 10th grade. I love all subjects, but truly enjoy math and language. My students enjoy the creativity in my lessons and find our time just flies by. My students have seen great increases in all their subjects under my guidance.


I like to spend most of my free time with my family. I have three busy children of my own and watching them excel in their sports is my favorite way to spend a day. I also love to take my family (and our dog) hiking and kayaking. Our whole family has a flair for music 😉
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