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Elizabeth M

English Tutor

Concordia University Montreal

Majors: History

Minors: English

Other Certificates: M.A., History; Ph.D., History

About Me



Educators must prepare students for the real world evolving around us. Because of massive changes in technology and employment patterns, they must instill confidence and flexibility in students. These are values which must parallel the actual academic teaching of English. Educators must be familiar with the cultural/ethnic backgrounds of students and be able to adapt the teaching of English cross-culturally.


I received my Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in History.

I have a strong liberal arts background, both graduate and undergraduate. But education is an evolving phenomenon. I worked on parliament hill as a speech writer and policy analyst and now work with cross cultural issues and communications materials designed for embassies. So I can bring a lot of experience to the tutoring business.


I worked for 20 years in a local college as as well as at the university level. My major interest now is in preparing young people to survive in a rapidly changing world.


I love all kinds of sports and am relatively athletic myself. As a grandmother at this point in my life, I am now delighted to watch a new generation grow up. Hence I am interested in bringing whatever skills I can to help further the education of young people.
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