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Elizabeth S

Math, Science, English Tutor

Delaware State University

Majors: Agricultural Business and Management, Equine Business and Management, Agricultural Production

About Me



Everyone learns in a different manner. This makes it vital to allow individuals to find the unique tools and techniques that best meet his or her needs. By allowing each person to learn in a different way, success is a more obtainable achievement.


I have three Bachelor degrees from Delaware State University: Agricultural Business and Management, Equine Business and Management and Agricultural Production. Currently, I am in the process of gaining a Master’s degree from Colorado State University’s program in Integrated Resource Management of Agricultural Sciences.


I have a brother with the learning disability known as Dyslexia. I tutored him throughout high school and then later when he attended University. In tutoring him, I learned how to assist someone on grasping topics by giving him the resources to promote his own success.


Right now, I currently am a participating member of my church and many local equine clubs. Some of the actions performed in these clubs include, Sunday School classes, community outreach, informational days for children, parades, and informational lectures for adults.
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