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Ember E

Math, Science Tutor

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Majors: Nutrition

Other Certificates: Veterinary Tech Degree

About Me



I believe that teaching is a process of helping students actively engage in their own learning process. I try to provide different formats of learning to meet every students needs. I think of learning in steps. Students must hear the information, digest it and then have time to answer questions. Every student can learn, it is just a matter of how.


I went to Fremont High School and excelled in math and science. At UNK I started studying science but changed my major to nutrition. Studying nutrition meant taking lots of chemistry, math and anatomy and physiology classes. Veterinary Tech school took what I had learned at UNK and applied it to animals.


I taught veterinary technology at Vatterott College. I love teaching and have decided to get my masters in education. At Vatterott, I taught pharmacology 1 and 2, small animal nutrition, medical terminology, shelter management and managed our onsite animals. I also helped tutor students after class time in various areas.


I have many extracurricular activities outside of work. I play volleyball both indoors and sand once a week. I spend lots of time with my family. I also enjoy scrap-booking and reading.