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Faye C

Math, English Tutor

Charter Oak State College

Majors: Individualized Studies

About Me



I have always believed that all students can learn. I use my everlasting patience to reach my students. I also try to make learning fun. When a student struggles, I struggle with them. I also celebrate every little goal a student makes, so that each student will keep on striving to learn.

During my time at Goodwill Industries, I saw adults struggle with reading and math, but all of them achieved better scores and upgraded their math and reading every time while I worked at Goodwill. That is where I take my greatest pleasure is in seeing them feel better and go on to getting a better job and/or go on to college by passing their GED.


When I was finishing my degree in 2007, I took many childhood (K-6th) grade classes so I could impart that to the students I would eventually teach in Reading, English, and Math. That’s why even before I finished my degree, I started working with an online website that helped students in reading and math.

I also worked with adult students to help them read and do math better, so they could obtain jobs, when I worked for Goodwill Industries. Lastly, while at Goodwill Industries, I helped the adult students pass and obtain their GED, which I was 100% successful at. Every adult student either upgraded their math and reading ability or passed their GED while I worked for Goodwill Industries.


I have 10 years of experience in the field of education as an instructor, instruction coordinator, substitute teacher or adjunct faculty member.


I love to spend time singing music, taking photographs of many different subjects, and traveling.
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