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Getsy C

English, Homework Help Tutor

York University

Majors: English Literature

Other Certificates: TESOL Certification

About Me



I firmly believe that students and teachers are key characters to a good education. A teacher does not only teach school subjects but also imparts important life lessons to their students. With the help of teachers, students are able to discover things they are interested in that will help in their self-development. Moreover, teachers also learn from their students to further their own ideas of what makes a good teacher. I hope to create a fair and fun learning environment is among my students.


At York University, I studied English Literature where I was further exposed to the complex world of different kinds of literary genres. After graduating from the English program, I decided to certify myself in teaching the English Language to international students by taking TESOL for 1 year.


When I was in high school, I volunteered in an elementary school for their after school reading program to help tutor students who needed help. With the help of the TESOL program, I was able to teach in classes at YUELI (York University English Language Institute) and a LINC class at Sheridan college.


I was part of a dance club since I wanted to expand my hobbies. When I was in university, I participated in another after school program called the Running and Reading program. Not only was I tutor, but I was also one of the coaches for the program. We helped prepare kids for an academic competition, as well as a 5 Km run at the end of the program.
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