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Helen R

Science Tutor

West Virginia University

Majors: Biomedical Science

About Me



I believe that curiosity is important for learning. As an educator I strive to enhance each student’s natural curiosity into a deeper desire for learning. I want my students to want to know more, to think critically and to ask questions.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba, a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba and I currently am a PhD candidate in Biomedical Science at West Virginia University.


At West Virginia University,I have completed a teaching practicum in undergraduate physiology and am currently the co-coordinator and instructor for graduate medical neurobiology. At the University of Manitoba I was a grader/marker for introduction to psychology, physiological psychology, brain and behavior and behavioral neuroscience, where I often tutored students in small groups or one on one sessions.


I am the Vice President and Historian for the Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization at WVU. As part of the NGSO, I am involved in a lot of volunteer activities, including raising money for charities such as Alzheimer’s and judging local school science fairs.