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Helena R

Math, English, Social Studies, History Tutor

University of Redlands

Majors: Sociology and Anthropology

Minors: Government

Other Certificates: University of Redlands/ Masters Education and Counseling; Texas A&M/ PhD Counselor Education and Supervision

About Me



I believe that in order for a student to get the full understanding and in-depth knowledge of a subject, they need to be able to apply the concepts to their lives and create active working knowledge. A student needs more than repetition of facts and data. They need in-depth exploration of thematic material in order to develop critical thinking, understanding, and analytical skills.


I have a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and anthropology, a Master of Arts in education and counseling, and am currently completing my Doctorate of Philosophy in counselor education and supervision. I believe that education is the key to success in life. To be able to thrive and flourish as an individual and member of society, education has the portal of endless possibilities for opportunities in life.


I have taught professionally to ages ranging from 3-65. I have taught pre-school in public and private secular institutions. I taught supplemental education to students in elementary through high school settings. I have taught undergraduate and graduate level courses as well. I have coordinated several successful tutoring programs as well.


I am an avid musician and currently play in a duo and in a group providing vocals and percussion. I play on several soccer teams in my community. I paint in my other spare time.

I spend a good deal of time participating in professional activities for the American Counseling Association. I travel to present at conferences and provide training in education settings.

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