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Ibrahim E

Math, Science Tutor

Saint Peter’s University

Majors: Biology

About Me



I believe that everyone can succeed in life if he/she receives the right education regardless of their background. While everyone is unique with his/her ideas, showing them the right track can be the hardest step. Once a student comprehends the basics of the subject, there is no telling how far that student can go.

I have learned, through experience, that students learn differently and the most important step one must take in teaching every student is patience. Pointing at only one right step a student makes, despite the wrong answer, motivates the student to continue to trying and not giving up.


I graduated from Saint Peter’s University with a Bachelors’ of Science in 2013. I have studied complex levels of biology, chemistry and physics during my college years. I am currently assisting my brother who is biology major with all his science courses.


I have experience as an academic tutor in the biology department at Saint Peter’s University from September 2011 to May 2013. I provided tutoring support to students in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I explained complex and basic scientific principles and applications to students, developed action plans based on students’ schedule and Implemented activities for a group of up to 15 students. At the end of the day, I succeeded to make positive impact on students’ grades in which they were raised from 70% -90%.


I enjoy reading scientific magazines such as Scientific American and learning more about human nature and the latest technological advancement that is taking place in the science world.
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