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Jania B

Math, English Tutor

Alabama A& M University

Majors: Early Childhood & Elementary Education

About Me



My philosophy of education is to help diverse learners improve and eventually master the skills being taught in each subject. I perform this task by determining where the student needs additional practice and begin to enforce positive teaching strategies that will help each student according to their individual needs.

There are several resources to help students meet their grade level standards. It is my goal to identify those needs and turn each student’s weakness into a source of strength by using those resources available to me along with years of experience I’ve had as an educator.


In 1999 I became a Graduate and received a B.A. Degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education from Alabama A& M University located in Normal, Alabama.


I am a seasoned educator with strong beliefs in helping myself and others improve for the better. I am efficient and highly organized. This enables me to be as productive as possible on the job. I currently homeschool my two children.


I enjoy spending time with my family, baking, cooking, reading, shopping, and singing. In the past I have been very passionate about writing. I am currently passionate about being healthy and seeking information to become a better educator to better myself, assist my students and aid others effectively. I like to surround myself around positive thinkers.
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