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Jason S

Math, Science Tutor

University of Pittsburgh

Majors: Chemistry

Minors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: M.S., Polymer Chemistry and Coatings Technology

About Me



I am a father of two who realizes that sometimes a little extra help in a harder subject can make the difference in that knowledge being lost in the jumble and retained long after the test is graded. I enjoy helping my kids get a little more out of their homework sessions and sometimes pushing beyond “we haven’t learned that yet”, so that when they do come across it in school, it’s often the second or third time they’ve seen it. I believe, though, that this must be done in terms my kids understand – that is fun for me, trying to compress something difficult into a package attainable to someone who has not seen the information before.


My educational background spans the field of chemistry from simple scientific notation to complex thermodynamic and quantum mechanics. If it is science-related, I can teach it. I am comfortable teaching algebra, trig, geometry, and calculus.


My first job as tutor in response to an advertisement by the University of Pittsburgh’s athletic department. There I taught chemistry and math one on one with members of the basketball and football team to help the athletes keep their grades above their academic requirements. Since then, I have helped many students from various backgrounds.


I enjoy camping with my family. When I can do so, I enjoy fly fishing and woodworking. I am also taking a course in wood scale model ship building. I love learning about new science breakthroughs.