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Jennifer B

Elementary Education Tutor

Western Michigan University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Michigan

About Me



All students deserve an opportunity to learn. As a teacher it is my job to not only teach the concepts, but to teach a love for learning! I believe that students learn best when they feel safe, therefore I strive to build a solid rapport with my students in order to build that trust. I create experiences to activate their prior knowledge and then build upon that knowledge when teaching.

I believe that the key to solidifying an understanding of the content is to find opportunities for students to think outside the box and apply what they are learning to real life situations.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education/ Early Childhood. I have also earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Most recently I completed 180 hours of Professional Development courses. I believe that as a teacher, I must seek out opportunities to continue learning so that I can stay one step ahead of my students.


For 8 years I enjoyed teaching K-12 Reading and Math students. Prior to this I spent my days engaging with and teaching very enthusiastic and eager Pre-K students. I also have experience as a teacher in a public school where I was fortunate to work with an amazing group of 6th graders.


When I am not teaching I love heading to the pool for an hour of invigorating water exercise, curling up with a fascinating nonfiction book, studying maps of the amazing countries in our world, and vegetarian cooking!
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