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Jeremy B

Math Tutor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Majors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: M.S., Mathematics; Ph.D., Mathematics

About Me



Students should be directed toward the answers whenever possible. An instructor has expertise enough to guide a student by asking useful, leading questions and to provide instruction when the student is unable to obtain the answers on his or her own.

In mathematics, the best way to learn is by solving problems. Carefully chosen and patiently worked examples can illustrate the main ideas and guide the student. By solving a problem independently, a student gains both experience and confidence.


I have degrees in mathematics from M.I.T. (B.S.) and University of Washington (Ph.D.). My coursework included topics in analysis, algebra, and topology, with a specialty in algebraic geometry. I have taken classes in computer programming (Java and Scheme) and have studied financial mathematics related to actuarial exams.


As a graduate student, I was a recitation leader for pre-calculus and calculus lectures. I also taught courses in differential equations and linear algebra. I spent three months as a professional tutor working for C2 Education Center. After graduating, I was Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at SUNY Oswego for two years.


I enjoy writing poetry and playing the drum. I find that music, words, and mathematics are deeply related to one another and each reflect a different aspect of the way we perceive the world around us. There is beauty and structure in all forms of human expression.