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Jeremy L

Science, English, Social Studies, Elementary Education Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Social Development Studies

Minors: Psychology

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



I am dedicated to providing authentic meaningful tasks that build on criteria and learning goals that are specific to the needs of each individual student. I provide ongoing and descriptive feedback and focus on assessment as and for learning. I will provide clear goals focused on strengths and needs of students. I differentiate by identifying learning needs of students, and provide diverse opportunities for learning in product and process.


I dedicated my academic career toward understanding and cultivating socially and academically strong students at the elementary level. Complimenting my social work and psychology focus, I sought out history, environmental science and geography courses to round out my education. I also dedicated some coursework to world religions and philosophy.


I have over eight years teaching experience with Waterloo Region DSB and 1.5 with Ottawa-Carleton DSB. I have taught grade 7/8 history and grade 3 and 4 core. I have special education and reading specialist qualifications, complimenting my classroom experience. I have dedicated my professional learning to effective pedagogy in critical thinking, inquiry based learning and effective feedback.


I am an avid reader and enjoy building on my understanding of Canadian history with inspiring novels. I have ran several marathons which enhanced my sense of focus and determination toward a specific goal, I believe this translates to all aspects of my life. I re-energize myself by focusing on kayak building as a method of grounding myself focused enjoyment. I am also a dedicated father and spouse, always seeking positive interactions with my family.