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Jessica D

English Tutor

University of Western Ontario

Majors: Criminology

Minors: Religious Studies

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



As a student, I respected the teachers of the London District Catholic School Board for their ability to educate while fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Most recently, I have had the opportunity to reflect upon this effective team of teachers, and mirror their commitment and professionalism while teaching students with varying abilities. This has given me the chance to hone my classroom management skills while tailoring my instructional strategies to reach every student. As a result, I have become efficient at creating engaging, student centered lessons that contain differentiated content, challenge students and encourage collaboration.


I graduated from the Bachelor of Education programme at the University of Ottawa with qualifications in Intermediate and Senior Religious Education and English. I have Junior Division and Special Education Part 1 as additional qualifications, and have obtained a TESL/TEFL specialist certification.


I have moved back to Canada after three years of teaching experience in the United Kingdom including working as a supply teacher, a short term contract as Teacher of Religious Education, as well as a permanent contract as Teacher of English and Media Studies, grades 7-12.

This experience has provided me with the opportunity to develop highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods which have allowed me to foster a dynamic, engaging and safe learning environment. I hope to share my passion for each subject with students by providing them with unique ways of inspiring and empowering them to reach their highest potential.


In addition to fostering academic success in every student, it is important to engage pupils outside the classroom to ensure they are well-rounded individuals who are sufficiently prepared for their future endeavours. I have offered many extra-curricular activities including providing students extra help in English on Saturdays, as well as overseeing the National Citizen Service Leadership program, the Student Communication Newsletter, and educational trips to New York and London.