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Jessica J

Science, English Tutor

Tennessee Tech University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: TEFL Certification; ESL

About Me



To me, teaching is changing lives and educating future generations to try and make the world a better place. I have taught professionally for 5 years now. I think people should follow their passion, and mine is seeing young learners succeed.


I studied elementary education and graduated with my bachelors from Tennessee Tech. I have a TEFL Certification as well as an ESL endorsement. I taught in Tennessee for 2 years professionally and in Korea for 3 years professionally.


I taught 2 years of public school in Tennessee. One was in Kindergarten, and in the other I was a fifth grade teacher of all common core subjects. The other 3 years of teaching were in Korea, teaching English for private schools. My first year was middle school, my second year was Adult business men/women and college students, and the third year was Kindergarten.


I love drama. I use it a lot in my classroom. We did a lot of exercise activities. I am a huge fan of sports; in fact, I played soccer in high school and every sport in intermurals in college.