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Joanne C

English Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: French; English Literature

Minors: Italian

Other Certificates: Graduate Certificate in Public Relations

About Me



I believe every student has the ability to reach his/her potential if they are provided with patience, guidance and an encouraging environment. Every student learns differently and if a teacher or tutor work with a student to uncover his/her best learning style, the student will excel. This requires communication, time and above all else, faith and understanding.


I have an Honours English and French Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. I have more than 20 years writing experience in the business world.


I have spent the last ten year volunteering at my local elementary school assisting children who are not reading at grade level and require more one-on-one. Above all else, I have a child with a learning disability and I have spent the last 17 years assisting him with his reading and writing. His delayed speech as a child impacting his learning ability and I have worked with him daily. I am proud to say he has worked very hard, earning honours in his elementary school and today is thriving in Grade 11 taking courses at the Academic level and planning his post graduate education and career path. This experience has given me the patience and desire to help other kids.


Some of my interests include cooking, recipe development, and nutrition (I am also a practicing Holistic Nutritionist). I am an avid reading and enjoy taking part in my monthly book club. I also volunteer at my local community school in the classroom and as the Chair of the Parent Council Association where I help raise funds for the school and provide a positive school environment for families.
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