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Jonathan Q

Math, Science Tutor

University of Utah

Majors: Biology

Minors: Chemistry and Mathematics

Other Certificates: Touro University Nevada (medical school)

About Me



My job is to help students to help themselves understand a subject. My approach to tutoring and teaching is to provide the necessary materials, such as websites and books, and synthesize such materials to provide the student an easy approach to a subject he or she may have difficulty with. In addition, I also pose questions that allow the student to explain what he or she learns during a session and seek to clarify any ideas that may be confusing.


My educational background began in high school when I first became a tutor for Salt Lake Community College. During this time, I assisted students who were having trouble with math and science courses.
After this experience, I became a teacher assistant for the biology department at the University of Utah. I was mainly involved with tutoring genetics courses.

My final experience before entering medical school was tutoring for online tutoring companies, such as Brainfuse and Tutapoint.com.


My educational experience is derived from tutoring high school and college students. My last teaching experience prior to medical school was teaching biology laboratory classes for BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1610. Also during this time, I worked for Tutapoint.com, which was an online tutoring company.


In my spare time I study for medical school as well as practice martial arts to keep my mind “in the moment” for education as well as my medical studies.
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