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Jorge P

Science Tutor

University of Texas-Pan American

Majors: Biology

Minors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Classroom Teacher Certificate

About Me



Knowledge is power. I truly believe in those words and my wish and desire is to give learners the opportunity to not just learn things but to understand the knowledge they seek as well. Learner-centered education is the best way for students to obtain the greatest benefits of education and have the best academic experience possible.


I graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. I hold a current classroom teacher certificate. This means that I have obtained the necessary experience to be deemed a highly qualified teacher.

I have completed my internship and I am currently employed at UT-Pan American as a Supplemental Instruction Leader, where I provide quality education to fellow alumni.


During my internship, I was assigned with a mentor teacher who had over 20 years of experience teaching. For that reason, I was able to observe and learn from one of the best and most experienced teachers. I have carried that knowledge with me so I too can apply it in my classroom.

At UT-Pan American, I do the same things a teacher would do in a classroom but on a smaller scale. I prepare lesson plans, assess the students’ knowledge, and provide a quality educational experience.


I volunteer at the Regional Building Committee where, along with other volunteers, aide in the construction and remodeling of buildings in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
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