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Joseph G

English Tutor

Columbia International University

Majors: Religious Studies

Minors: Cinema-Television

Other Certificates: M.A., Theological Studies

About Me



It is my aim to provide students with a tailored education according to their own gifts, abilities, and learning styles. Many diagnosed “learning disabilities” simply designate a learning style that does not fit the cookie cutter pattern of what is deemed normal, but this difference may in fact be a very unique and helpful contribution to the world of education.
Most often our greatest weaknesses turn out to be our greatest strengths if channeled appropriately, as is exemplified by so many of the world’s greatest geniuses and successful figures – such as Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs – who struggled academically and socially due to their idiosyncrasy.

I desire to see students learn how to learn according to their own pattern of learning, so that they may be enabled to experience life to the fullest, make a better life for themselves, and become an overall asset to society.


I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Cinema-Television. I then went straight into a Master’s program at Columbia International University to complete my Master’s Degree in Theological Studies.


I have experience co-teaching an adult Sunday School class.


In my spare time, I enjoy creating video and short film productions.