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Justin W

English, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

University of Cambridge

Majors: General Business

Minors: Marketing

Other Certificates: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

About Me



I am a holistic teacher. I work by encouragement and not punishment. I elicit information, and give information where necessary. I foster a highly productive class environment. It is not only my professional career, but also my passion to teach. Teaching for me holds a highly rewarding intrinsic value in being able to watch people grow and learn.

I put my entire life into every aspect of teaching to ensure the success of every student I have the honor to guide into perfect fluency. No student is left behind or neglected, and no student should every feel ashamed or afraid to communicate on any level to their teacher, and that ideology flourishes in my classroom. I respect all learning styles, and that is shown by periodic progress reports and daily lesson feedback.


I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree from Clayton State University in 2013 majoring in General Business and with a minor in Marketing. I completed The University of Cambridge English Assessment CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) in 2014.


I have taught a variety of class levels and sizes around the Atlanta area. From Intensive beginning English up to Intermediate and Advanced courses, I have always established excellent rapport with my students.


I am the president of my local German club, an active AMLE member, and I am the founder of a non-profit tutoring organization in Atlanta. I work in my free-time developing activities that coming up with ideas that can be useful in the classroom.

I like to put a lot of thought into creating my lesson plans so that I know that they are attractive to all of my students, and not just catering to any particular one learning style. When I am not developing lessons, I enjoy consulting with my personal network of teachers to collaborate and exchange ideas from the classroom.

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