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Kaleigh R

English, Elementary Education, Homework Help Tutor

Murray State University

Majors: Elementary Education

About Me



Every classroom presents a unique community of learners that varies in abilities and in learning styles. My role as a teacher/tutor is to give children the tools with which to develop their own knowledge. To accomplish this, I will teach to students’ needs so that they can feel confident and successful in the work they are doing.


I grew up with many teachers in my family so it was always natural for this to be my career path. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Murray State University.


Through classes during college I gained valuable experiences with almost every elementary grade in Madison, AL. Through my student teaching at the end of my college career I was able to get to know two classes of students (fourth grade and kindergarten) and teach them with the aid of the supervising teacher and aids.

I have been a nanny/babysitter in the past and have helped with homework: math, English, spelling, etc. I had the opportunity to teach high school students music and also how to march in a marching band.


I grew up in a very musical family so it was only natural for me to be involved in music activities throughout my schooling. In elementary, middle and high school, I have been a member of choir, concert band and marching band. Also, I have participated in drama club and journalism staff. During college I was also a member of a choir, concert band and marching band.