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Katy R

English Tutor

Kent State University

Majors: English Studies

Other Certificates: MA: English Literature and Composition

About Me



It is never too late to become the smartest student in school! Success is all about finding a connection with what you are learning; often, students struggle making a connection to the material they are learning and mistake frustration with ability. I will build your student’s confidence through application of real world experience to the subject. Writing and reading go hand in hand and I will lead your student to make this connection and ultimately find success in the classroom.

When working with a student, I seeks to handle every aspect of their school experience. I coach on organization, planning for the week and month, study skills, test-taking skills, subject comprehension, and independence. Specifically, when writing reports and essays, students become overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. I will step in and help to create a process that makes writing simple and engaging!


I have a Bachelors degree in English Studies from Kent State University and a Masters degree in English Literature and Composition from Slippery Rock University. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Education at Robert Morris University.


I have taught more than 20 college English Composition and Literature for a leading Community College in Virginia. Additionally, I have been staff at a university writing center, a Therapeutic Support Specialist in home and at school with elementary children, and been an education coach for students attending private schools in Washington, DC. I have also been tutoring and teaching on a part-time basis for more than 7 years.


I am also a professional trainer in the City of Pittsburgh and VP of the local Talent Development board.
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