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Kelly C

Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

Michigan State University

Majors: History

Minors: Geography

Other Certificates: MTTC Certificates in Social Studies and Geography

About Me



I believe that every individual deserves access to a thorough and well-rounded education. Such an education does not only include an exploration of core disciplines, but also the potential social lessons inherent in those subjects.

It is my duty to offer assistance and guidance in that endeavor, and to never forget that a student is also a person with experiences and knowledge of their own. To an extent, teaching, and thus tutoring, goes both ways if conducted correctly.


I was raised in Birch Run, Michigan and graduated summa cum laude from Birch Run High School in 2009. I then attended Michigan State University. I started out with the aim of obtaining a medical degree, but switched my major to history and entered the teacher education program after I realized that I would prefer to work in education.

I took a variety of courses while there, including history, chemistry, biology, economics, political science, and teacher education. Additionally, I was on the Dean’s List throughout my undergraduate career.


I had a four month long internship at Grand Ledge High School in Grand Ledge, Michigan. There, I often taught as many as five classes of World History. Prior to that, I have taught, tutored, and observed in three schools around the Lansing Area. These include a 10th grade social studies classroom at J.W. Sexton High School, an ESL and an 11th grade social studies class at MacDonald Middle School, and an after-school program for ESL and at-risk students at Lansing Eastern High School.


From 2001 to 2009, I was a member of the Girl Scouts. I volunteered at the Midland Summer Camp in 2005 and 2006 before conducting my own day camp in Birch Run. I also earned the bronze, silver, and gold awards.

One of my greatest experiences was in 2010 when I participated in an MSU Summer Study Abroad Program in Rome. I lived and studied there, as well as had the opportunity to travel to Venice, Pompeii, and the Italian Riviera; Paris and Versailles in France; and Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands. My main motivation for going was my love for history, and so I made sure to visit every museum and historical landmark I possibly could.

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