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Khoa T

Science Tutor

University of Guelph

Majors: Biomedical Science

Minors: Neuroscience

Other Certificates: M.A., Biomedical Science

About Me



I believe that every child has the potential to love science, and that science can be easily taught to anyone. Science is a beautiful subject because it can change the way we view the world. For example, when we look at a hand we may see skin, hair, and nails; but when a doctor looks at a hand, he or she can imagine bones, ligaments, water moisture, age, or blood vessels.

I believe that it is most important to make subjects simple to understand – especially when they are complex. To me, understanding starts with strong knowledge of the basics.


During high school, I studied in the “international baccalaureate” (IB) level, similar to “advanced placement” in other high schools. Immediately after graduation, I applied to the University of Calgary and obtained a Bachelor’s of Biology. On July 2013, I moved to Ontario to obtain my Master’s degree at the university of Guelph. Now, I am applying to a PhD graduate student position in the University of Toronto.


I have experience working with students at the university level as a graduate assistant.


I had a lot of opportunities to volunteer while attending university. During my first and second year of University, I volunteered with the “Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association”. I joined the Chemistry Student’s Chapter (simply known as the “chemistry club”) during my third year and became the vice president in my fourth year. The chemistry club is one of the largest clubs in the University of Calgary, with the largest club rooms on campus. I joined the Alzheimer’s Society of Guelph when I reached Ontario and volunteered with them throughout my Master’s degree.
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