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Kimberley S

Math, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

University of Windsor

Majors: Business Administration

Minors: English Language and Literature

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



My love of teaching is fueled by my love of learning and helping others. I believe teachers are there to guide students on their learning journey, so that eventually they can take up the path on their own. I also believe in an element of choice in learning, particularly when it comes to reading. Students will be more inclined to pick up a book on a topic that interests them. It is important to encourage that curiosity, that desire for knowledge.


I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration Co-op at the University of Windsor in 2004. My concentration was finance, and I minored in English Language and Literature. Following that, I completed my Bachelor of Education Degree, division Primary/Junior. I have since upgraded my qualifications to include Junior/Intermediate and Senior English.


I have worked with a wide range of age groups, from kindergarten to adult learners. In a vocational school setting, I have taught adult learners looking to upgrade their skills in order to find alternate employment after being injured on the job. I taught job search skills, reading/grammar, computer skills, mathematics (basic maths, Algebra, maths for a college technology course). I have also tutored grade school students who needed help with maths and reading.


I am an avid runner and participate in charity runs, including the Terry Fox run. I maintain a personal blog and, once upon a time, wrote restaurant reviews for a local blog called Windsor Girls Growl. I love to read and belong to two separate book clubs.
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