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Kimberly B

Math, English Tutor

Vanderbilt University

Majors: Communication Studies

Other Certificates: M.A., Culture and Religious Studies

About Me



I believe in using various methods to ensure learning, such as Visual, Auditory, and kinesthetic methods. Visual learning for students who generally learn better with visual aids. I also learn better with visual learning including, graphs, lines, relevant pictures. Auditory learning involves students who are not able to just view a picture or read a sentence, but really learn best when an audible voice enforces relevant material. Auditory methods are often paired with visual learning to ensure learning.

The last method is kinesthetic learning. This method exists for students who need practical experiences that they may become involved to aid in learning. This could exist within role-play, working problems, hands-on examples to enforce learning and retention. All 3 of these examples can be used to ensure learning. Learning is based on individual needs that must be assessed.


I graduated in the top of my class (Valedictorian) in high school. I received an academic scholarship from Vanderbilt University, then continued to receive my Master’s degree with a concentration on culture and religious studies. I have continued my training in tutoring and teaching with continuing education credits in this area.


I have directed and taught in Adult Education for 7 years, and transitional learning education for 3 years prior to that experience. I possess over 10 years in teaching, training and development.


I love to play basketball. I am adamantly involved in youth sports programs within my community. It is based on my experience as a youth and how these experiences played a positive influence on my life. I also coach a girls’ AAU basketball team which was ranked

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