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Kristi S

Math, Science Tutor

James Madison University

Majors: Biology

Minors: Human Science

About Me



I believe that teaching is really just guiding people to knowledge that they already wanted to know. I believe that students innately want to learn, and it’s just a matter of if the material is presented to them in a way that seems useful and creative to the student.
I would like for students to appreciate and love the sciences the way I do, and appreciate all forms of life. I also want them to fully appreciate how far knowledge can take you, and it is something that no one can take away from you.

Finally, I believe in patience and that any progress is still progress. It is a journey that does not have an end and any accomplishments in learning are worth celebrating.


I am receiving my Master’s of Science Degree in Education and curriculum with licensure from Radford University in spring of 2015. I have received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from James Madison University and therefore have extensive knowledge on the sciences. I am currently studying teaching techniques to enhance my ability to become a skilled teacher.


I enjoy hiking, camping, and kayaking. I love being outdoors and experiencing the natural wonders of the world. I also enjoy reading classical literature and writing short stories. I love traveling. I have traveled abroad to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and several islands in the Caribbean.