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Kristopher B

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

Brock University

Majors: Contemporary Cultural Studies (Popular Culture)

Other Certificates: Network Engineering Diploma from Trios College; Undergraduate degree from Laurier University in Children’s Education and Development, Contemporary Studies and Geography.

About Me



Every student deserves to learn and find success. Inherently, teachers should never prejudge any child’s cultural/SES or racial circumstances. Moreover, they should provide nurturing, self-esteem building concepts in ALL lessons and gradually increase the pace of the lesson as the student advances.

“Bloom’s Taxonomy” is a perfect model to explain/implement HOTS (higher-order-thinking-skills) and foster these concepts in children at an early age. Lastly, the curriculum needs to be made relevant; thus allowing students to make personal connections to the expectations at-hand.


I have a Network Engineering Diploma from Trios College. I obtained an undergraduate degree from Laurier University in Children’s Education and Development, Contemporary Studies and Geography. I received a Master’s degree in Contemporary Cultural Studies (Popular Culture) at Brock University.

I also have a Bachelor’s of Education from Laurier University. Since becoming accredited, I undertook additional qualification courses for special education and high school teaching subjects in social studies and geography. I continue to attend various Professional Development courses and meetings.


I am a certified teacher with three years of classroom experience and over seven years of differentiated tutoring experience. This profession has allowed me to diversify my instruction; I have worked with students ranging from the first grade right up to the college level. I have extensive experience working with special needs students and making accommodates for their learning situation.


When I am not helping students ‘achieve their full potential’, I enjoy participating in my fantasy football league. On weekends, I can be found playing soccer and watching sports via live broadcast.
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