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Kyle B

Math, Science Tutor

Pacific Union College

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Chemistry

About Me



I believe that our current educational system doesn’t do justice in educating and inspiring students to be more curious about the world. That being said, I believe that the quality of teaching is at the utmost importance for inspiring students where the system fails to do so.

Curious students will create their own path and will strive to learn on their own despite the challenges they may face later on. I believe that it is the teacher’s calling to not only teach, but to inspire. Curiosity is the one motivator, I believe, that can drive any student to enjoy education.


I have received a B.S. Mathematics degree from Pacific Union College in June of 2014 with a minor degree in chemistry. I have specialized my study of mathematics into Mathematical Theory more so than Applied Math. I have taken classes in Abstract Algebra, Topology, Real Analysis, Complex Variables, Number Theory, and etc. I have gained a love for Abstract Algebra and continue to educate myself in such a beautiful subject.


I have led astronomy laboratories as the head astronomy teacher’s assistant for 2 years at Pacific Union College. I was in charge of educating the students in the lab material as well as guiding and assessing their work on an individual and group basis. I have also taken opportunities to be a teacher’s assistant in Logic & Set Theory and some experience in Physics as well.


I have been the Vice President of the student Math & Physics Club at Pacific Union College for two years. I have been in charge of planning and overseeing events which served hundreds of students at a time.In my spare time, I enjoy reading books on mathematical theory, a favorite of which is Abstract Algebra. In my less-academic pursuits, I do enjoy social gaming, complex music, and exotic pets.
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