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Lara H

English Tutor

The Art Institute of California

Majors: Digital Filmmaking and Video Production

Other Certificates: M.A., Creative Writing

About Me



As far as I have seen, students do well with a mix of discussion and coursework. When I work with students, I understand each one is unique so I must adapt in order to properly be of benefit for that particular student. Education must be flexible and adaptable. It must take the shape of informal discussions and formal lectures. It must prepare the student and give confidence to the student.

Education is more than passing a test and getting good grades. It is expanding one’s mind and exploring the world through different mediums.


I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. After that, I went to England and worked for my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. While there, I also took courses in Victorian Literature where I had to research and write a graduate level essay.


I have experience working as a tutor with students in a one-on-one environment over the last few years.


I enjoy gardening and being in the outdoors by hiking and biking. I am also a certified scuba diver. However, what I spend most of my time doing is writing fiction and scripts. In my spare time I also take online courses in various subjects I am interested in such as Astronomy and Anthropology.