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Laura S

English Tutor

Wilfrid Laurier University

Majors: English

Minors: History; Psychology

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



My educational philosophy is to form strong trusting relationships between myself and my students in order to encourage a supportive and safe learning environment.

I believe that every student has the ability to challenge themselves academically. That being said, students will only be motivated to achieve at a high standard of performance if they are engaged in the material. It is therefore the role of the teacher to not only provide support in a variety of areas, but also to help students understand and enjoy the material they are learning.


I attended Wilfrid Laurier University for my undergraduate degree. I majored in English, which is my passion, but I also studied a wide variety of courses that gave me a well-rounded foundation of knowledge for teaching others.

This year I have been completing my Bachelor’s of Education at Queen’s University, which has been an enriching learning experience. The most beneficial aspect for me had been the teaching placements in which I have been able to integrate myself into the classroom and the inner workings of a secondary school institution as a teacher.


I have had a variety of volunteer and occupational teaching experience including working and volunteering at children’s camps, and assistant teaching in a high school classroom. I have also had teaching experiences through my post-secondary school.

During my undergraduate degree, I participated in a Community Service Learning Placement in which I organized a reading circle in a public school for readers who were above or below their classmates in terms of reading skills. During my time in the Faculty of Education, I have had a wonderful opportunity to teach two classes in a high school, and observe in another, for a six week Practicum.


In the past several years I have travelled to the Caribbean and several countries in Europe which opened my eyes to the wider world and developed a passion for travel. This year, I was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to become a part of Habitat for Humanity and build homes in Texas in a low socio-economic area that borders Mexico. This was a rewarding experience on a personal level. My other interests are mostly family-based.
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