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Leonard J

Math, English Tutor


Majors: English

Minors: Journalism & Music

Other Certificates: Cayuga Community College: Major in Liberal Arts

About Me



I firmly believe that the basic foundation for educating a student is a positive and trusting relationship between student and teacher. When students trust and like their teacher, they are much more receptive to listen and do the work assigned to them.

I also believe that it benefits the students to do rather than to listen and take notes. Students learn more by making mistakes, understanding why the mistakes were made, and fixing them.


I attended Cayuga Community College where I majored in Liberal Arts. Subsequent to this, I then went on to SUNY – Oswego where I majored in English and minored in Journalism and Music. I have received my Nevada Teaching Certificate for Secondary Education and have also attended several seminars and professional development classes.


I taught students for eight years who were far below grade level in both reading and writing and was able to raise their scores at or near where they should be. I also taught explorations classes with a strong emphasis on history, social studies, and civics. I’ve also given private piano lessons.


In my spare time, I conduct after school study classes and coach after school basketball and softball.