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Lindsay H

English Tutor

York University

Majors: Visual Arts

Minors: English

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



I believe it is the responsibility of teachers to create a safe and stimulating community in the classroom (whatever form that may take). I hope to make learning enjoyable by bringing curiosity and a desire for knowledge to students. I will know I am successful when I find myself learning with and from my students.

I believe education to be a team effort and as such, I encourage parents and guardians to become involved with their child’s schooling. Thus, I intend to communicate frequently with parents regarding their child’s progress, struggles, achievements and interests in order to create an individual learning plan for each student.


I received honours throughout all four years of high school. I attended York University’s fine arts program with an academic scholarship in 2009 and enrolled in the concurrent education program while there. I graduated on the Dean’s list in 2014 and am currently enrolled in an online Special Education Part 1 course. My teaching subjects are visual arts and English and I am also Tribes certified.


I have experience working in the classroom with students in a group setting and also enjoy working with students after school to provide the individual attention they need to excel.


I enjoy writing fiction and am currently working on publishing a novel. Therefore, I spend time editing and proof reading my manuscript. I also enjoy physical fitness. As a visual arts major, I spend my spare time drawing and painting in preparation for a small online art business I am in the midst of starting.