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Lindsay K

Math, English Tutor

State College at Cortland

Majors: Childhood Education

Minors: Humanities

Other Certificates: Completing my Master’s Degree in Reading (Birth-6)

About Me



I believe that effective learning is a collaboration between teacher, parent, and student. I believe that learning should take place in a safe and positive environment.


I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education at SUNY Cortland. I logged over 100 hours of observation in fourth and fifth grade classrooms. I completed my student teaching in New York City in fifth grade and first grade classrooms. I was also a tutor for the after school program while student teaching. I am now completing my Master’s Degree through Canisius College and when finished I will be certified in Reading.


I completed my student teaching and first year teaching in New York City. I was a substitute teacher for 2 years. During this time I worked in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

I have been a tutor for students in elementary and middle school. As a tutor I created and implemented a curriculum for Math and ELA. I currently teach first grade in North Carolina where I implement the common core curriculum.


While in New York I coached Little League baseball and played in an adult softball league. Currently, I fill my free time with exercise.