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Lindsey G

English Tutor

University of New England

Majors: Elementary and Middle Childhood Education

Other Certificates: M.A.Ed, Curriculum and Instruction; Teaching Certification: Maryland, New York

About Me



My educational mission is to motivate and instill a passion for both teaching and learning using rigorous lessons and differentiated instruction so that all students can feel and be successful with the necessary skills to be college and career ready for the 21st century.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Middle Childhood Education from Plattsburgh State University in 2004. To further my education and professional development, I went on to receive my Masters in Education focusing on curriculum and instruction from the University of New England in 2014.


For the past eight years, I have had the privilege of teaching both middle and high school English in Baltimore County Public Schools. Although I primarily have experience teaching tenth grade English, I also have experience teaching sixth and seventh grades for two years, as well as experience teaching eleventh grade summer school English. During this time, I have shared my passion for teaching and learning with countless students and hope to continue to do so in the future.


I am very active in competitive sports and enjoying coaching both JV and varsity teams. As a former varsity field hockey coach, I lead my team to the State Championship game back in 2012. In my personal time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.