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Lynn H

English Tutor

East Stroudsburg University

Majors: Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Pennsylvania

About Me



Every child learns differently and has the right to an education. I believe, as a teacher, it is our “duty/job” to figure out how the child best learns. In order to help that child be successful, we need to create and implement the necessary accommodations in assisting his/her reach their full potential. These adaptations can be achieved through technology or in the classroom itself.


I received my Bachelor’s of Science in 2008 for Elementary Education. I attended school part-time while raising 3 children. Not only do I have educational background, but I have life experience. Having a child in the autistic spectrum, I have a greater appreciation in “tapping” into various accommodations and resources. Through various techniques, my child has been successful in the classroom and will be graduating this year!


Over the last 8 years, I have been a substitute teacher and a private tutor. Also, I have worked as a TSS (therapeutic support staff) in implementing various behavior plans with special needs children.


Besides raising a family, I have various activities that I do outside the home. I enjoy gardening and refinishing furniture. I was an active member of the Alumni Board for East Stroudsburg University. Recently, I decided to join an advocacy board for Mental Health/Behavioral Services.
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