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Marcel V

English, Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: English (Specialist)

Minors: Philosophy

Other Certificates: Bachelor’s of Education (OISE/U of T)

About Me



I believe that education is the most valuable resource in the world and everyone has a right to an educational experience that fulfills their desires and optimizes their potential. I believe that individualized attention helps students achieve success by concentrating on their strengths.

I believe in dynamic, integrated learning through a cross-curricular approach – teaching is about helping students make connections between relevant experiences and make genuine inquiries into new subject areas.


I have a General Arts and Science certificate from Conestoga College in Kitchener, where I studied a variety of subjects ranging from Math and Science to Philosophy and Psychology and earned a 95% average. I have a Bachelor’s Specialist degree from the University of Toronto, in which I maintained a GPA of 3.85 and earned High Distinction upon graduation. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from OISE/U of T, in which I earned a 3.9 GPA.


I have tutored students ranging from grade 9 to 4th year University, mostly in English. I taught kindergarten and grade 5 during my practical placements at teachers’ college. In teachers’ college, I also designed a program to teach philosophy to primary and junior level students as part of a directive to make philosophy more accessible to children.

I taught kindergarten and grades 1-7 full-time at an English Academy for one year in Korea. During this time, I instructed a group of students in all subject areas and designed curriculum material for my entire grade. This included lesson plans and integrated, theme-based unit plans.


I like to play sports, ride my bicycle, read, play guitar, and cook. I have self-published two books of poetry, and I am currently teaching myself to play piano. This summer, I started a business making and selling hot sauce at a local Farmers’ Market. I am passionate about gardening and I love to spend time in nature.
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