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Marybeth D

English, SAT Tutor

Greensboro College

Majors: Special Education

Other Certificates: M.A., Liberal Studies; Ph.D., Education

About Me



As a Learning Strategies Specialist, I help students discover what works to master college material. I teach critical thinking skills, information literacy skills, and research skills. I emphasize going beyond the easy answer found by searching on Google.


I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education specializing in Learning Disabilities K-12 and then taught in public and private schools from 1975 to 2006. I completed a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies in 2002 and A Master of Science in 2005 and began teaching college level classes in academic writing.


I have experience teaching/ tutoring since 1975 with students aged 3 to 50.


I am currently participating at Virginia Western Community College in a grant funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to bring more non-western humanities to the community college experience. Through this grant I attended the Asia Studies Institute at the University of Virginia in early August 2014.

I have served on a committee at Virginia Western Community College to assess a critical thinking rubric as well as sponsored a writers’ club for 2 semesters. In addition I have served on the textbook committee for the English department.