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Megan V

Science, English Tutor

University of Texas – Pan American

Majors: Biology

Minors: English

About Me



I believe everyone should be given an opportunity to receive a good education. Children all require unique learning methods and should be treated as such. The education process should be tailored to their needs and not the other way around. Every student is capable of success if given the chance. All educators must strive to be the best motivation to the next generation.


I graduated High School in the Top 10 of my class. I am currently graduating from University of Texas – Pan American with a Bachelor’s in Science. My major was in Biology with a minor in English. I will be returning this Fall for my Master’s in Biology.


I was a tutor in my high school on weekends. I would help students prepare for the Science portion of the TAKS test. I had experience with one on one teaching mostly. When the teachers were preoccupied I would also lecture in front of the class.


On Saturdays I control weeds and maintain wildlife park gardens for the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. I also tested water levels in irrigation and storm water canals for nutrients for my USDA Internship Program. In high school, I helped junior and senior students complete online test registrations, applications, resumes and essays for scholarships and university admissions at the local GO Center. During the holidays, I participate in charity events like Toys for Tots and HEB Feast of Sharing.
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