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Melanie H

English, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Washington State University

Majors: English

About Me



I believe in student-focused tutoring where the curriculum is set by the learner’s needs and goals. Students should be taught at the pace that best suits them, and tutors should employ a variety of methods to engage several learning styles. Additionally, tutors should strive to make each session a fun experience for the student.


I am a Senior level undergraduate student at Washington State University (WSU) in Vancouver. Prior to transferring to WSU, I attended Clark College in Vancouver and completed my Associate of Arts degree there. I have consistently maintained a 3.6 or higher GPA.


I have three years of experience working as an English tutor. Working for both Clark College and WSU, I have enjoyed meeting a variety of students and helping them achieve their educational goals. My favorite students to work with were those whose physical disabilities (hearing impaired) or those whose ESL status made it challenging for them to learn in a traditional classroom environment.


I am a mother to an exceptionally bright 3 year old who I enjoy hearing read! I also spend around 15 hours a month in volunteer work in my local community.
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