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Mohammed A

Science, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

Simon Fraser University

Majors: Political Science

Minors: International Relations

Other Certificates: Master of Arts: Political Science

About Me



My main goal is to ensure that the student is able to comfortably grasp the concepts and theories required in their learning. It is the requirement of the teacher to establish a positive rapport with the student in order to successfully achieve the goals set out by the student. I constantly look for new methods and various teaching strategies tailored to the individual.


I have an extensive educational background spanning over 25 years as a student. I have a Bachelors of Arts and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Concordia University and Simon Fraser University, respectively. I am in the process of completing my second bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Concordia University.


I have over 2 years of teaching experience at the University level at Simon Fraser University. I started as a teaching assistant and was quickly promoted to a lecturer. I was responsible for large groups of students ranging from 15 to 50 students. My primary duties included organizing a semester long syllabus, reading and homework assignments, class discussions as well as grading of assignments, exams and term papers.


I currently volunteer for the EcoMENA research institute in Doha, Qatar. Working from home in Montreal, Quebec, I constantly look to improve my research and writing methods by contributing to the environmental awareness writing and discourse in the Middle East and North Africa. I am an avid fitness fanatic, exercising anywhere between 5-6 days a week at the gym. Finally, I enjoy reading nonfiction, such as biographies, political and historical books.