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Mona S

English Tutor

Minnesota State University

Majors: Geography

Minors: History

Other Certificates: M.A., Secondary Education

About Me



Teaching is changing the world. By cultivating the ripe minds of the students, a teacher could be immensely contributing to changing the world. Education is the way we acquire delicate qualities such as the respect of others no matter their background, the reverence to this vast world and the modesty to realize that the journey of discoveries and inventions is still a long one. Finally, to be a good teacher, one has to be a good student. This profession allows for perpetual growth since the educator has to be attentive to the world and in constant direct contact with any novelties in the education sector.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with a minor in History and then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education.


I have experience teaching a wide variety of subjects and grades to students in many different countries.


I have participated in several extracurricular activities. I coached Basketball, and helped out with a club that visited orphanages. I believe those activities help students grow and become more holistic people.