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Monique D

English, Social Studies, Elementary Education, Special Education Tutor

University of Windsor

Majors: Disability Studies

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



Every individual deserves a valuable educational experience that will allow them to grow as an individual. A student-centered environment will benefit students to develop confidence and learn to their full potential. Each student is unique and has the ability to learn. I, as an educator, plan to make a difference in each students lives.


I have competed my Undergraduate program in Disability Studies. I am truly passion about disabilities and want to continue being an advocate in the educational field for Special Education. I also received my Education Degree Afterwards I completed my Bachelor of Education and am certified to teach in the province of Ontario.


I have had the privilege to teach in the United Kingdom for a year. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed making a difference in each of the students educational journey. Currently, I work with early childhood students.


When I was teaching in England, I helped run a after school French Club program. This allowed the children to become familiar with the very basic French language. I also participated in the Dance club, which was a great way to show interest in the students activities. I assisted in any school fundraisers as a volunteer running booths/games.