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Nikita P

English Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: English

Minors: Health Education

Other Certificates: Teaching (ED degree in secondary education)

About Me



I feel it is important to practice and instill integrity and authenticity, teach the importance of balance, and to honor, respect, and cater to each student’s unique frame of reason. Above all, I aspire to teach the students about their ability to act, rather than to be acted upon.
To create a successful classroom environment, I will strive to provide a variety of teaching methods that are congruent with each student’s unique power of reason and each unique developmental stage. I feel it is essential to notice, discover, and acknowledge the innate talents and gifts within each student that I teach, and use this awareness as a platform and vessel to promote authentic grown in learning in its most natural form.

Celebrating discovery and differences promotes growth and success, a success so bountiful, no student is left behind.


I have my Bachelor of Education degree in secondary education (grades 7-12). My major is English, and my minor is Health Education. I also have extensive experience with students aged 3-18 who struggle with physical and cognitive disabilities.


For seven years I have had the rewarding opportunity to be involved in leading a classroom of special needs students enrolled in early learning programs from the ages of six to eighteen.


I am a big sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and I also volunteer at the YWCA. I was vice president of the Undergraduate Education Society at my university. In my spare time, I practice Latin dance and volunteer for local bread runs.
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