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Nikki K

English, Languages Tutor

SUNY Adirondack

Majors: Linguistics

Minors: English Language Education

About Me



I would like to help students come to enjoy education. The feeling of failure is disheartening; my goal is to coax students into feeling better not only about his or her school work, but themselves as well. Teaching also allows me to continue learning as well. By working together with children, I hope that maybe we can teach each other.


I had a fairly rough start in school. I dropped out and got my GED, despite the fact I understood the academics that I was being taught. Three years ago, I started school at SUNY Adirondack, a life changing experience.

Now I am on my way to an Associate’s Degree, a Teaching Assistant Certificate, and transferring to a four year university. It’s hard work, but I am keeping my GPA up, as well as making the Dean’s list for the past few semesters.


I’ve been through a tutor training course at my school, and I am currently enrolled in an Education course. I’ve learned about several different types of learning styles and I am confident in my own pedagogical style. I am now a tutor in the Writing and Reading Center at my school and assist students with their work several times a day.


I tutor on the side of my regular school work. My heavy load this semester makes it difficult to take on too much, especially when I need to have room available for work.