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Ohio Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Ohio. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

Tutoring Options: All States >> Ohio

Aurora, OH

Lindsay K. – Math Tutor – Aurora, OH
West Virginia UniversityMathematics
“Each child is different and needs to have the material taught to them in a way that caters to their needs.”

Avon, OH

Amy Z. – English Tutor – Avon, OH
Baldwin Wallace CollegeEnglish
“I believe in theory-based instruction, which is strategic in nature.”

Blue Ash, OH

Rick E. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Blue Ash, OH
San Jose State UniversityLiberal Arts
“A teacher must try different ways of expressing concepts until the student is able to grasp and fully understand the taught material.”

Bowling Green, OH

Bowling Green State UniversityEnglish
“Students build knowledge based on what they experience in their everyday lives and experience in the world around them.”

Broadview Heights, OH

Penelope M. – Math Tutor – Broadview Heights, OH
Cleveland State UniversityMathematics
“I wish to help make math more applicable, understandable and enjoyable for every student.

Cincinnati, OH

Miami University, Oxford, OHMath & Social Studies Education
“I believe that all students have the capability to succeed.”

Cleveland, OH

Alyssa C. – Science Tutor – Cleveland, OH
University of WashingtonBiology
“I believe that with the right teacher a spark of interest can be started with any student.”

Cleveland Heights, OH

Cleveland State UniversityBusiness Economics; International Business
“A dedicated student can excel even in the most challenging subjects if that students puts forth the effort and works hard and seeks out available resources such as tutors.”
Baldwin WallaceHistory
“Rather than teaching isolated facts, students should be led to “connect the dots” so as to recognize patterns and concepts.”
Cleveland State UniversityEarly Childhood Education
“Students can reach their highest potential if learning is engaging and geared towards their unique learning styles.”

Columbus, OH

Ohio State UniversitySpanish
“I believe that practice is the best way to solidify concepts.”
University of PhoenixEducation
“I believe each child are different in their own way and need to be taught as a individual, meaning teaching each child in a way that they can understand it and learn it.”

Dublin, OH

Pamela L. – English Tutor – Dublin, OH
Ohio UniversityElementary Education
“I believe as a teacher that you meet a child where he is and take him/her as far as he/she can go.”

Fairborn, OH

Mark W. – English/ACT/SAT Tutor – Fairborn, OH
Wright State UniversityEnglish
“I believe that every person learns differently. As a result, I teach using several different methods and approaches, each individual to the student.”

Frankfort, OH

The Ohio State UniversityEarly Childhood Development
“As a teacher, I believe that it is my job to help each and every student perform to their highest potential.”

Fredericktown, OH

University of MichiganEnglish
“Create a positive learning environment by assessing skill sets and learning styles and teaching accordingly.”

Gahanna, OH

Carolyn B. – Science/English Tutor – Gahanna, OH
Ohio Dominican UniversityEducation
“Through engaging lessons and understanding a child’s background, it is possible to reach and teach all children, no matter their skill level.”

Ironton, OH

Melissa K. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Ironton, OH
Ohio UniversityEarly Childhood Education
“I utilize capabilities in planning and implementing high quality lessons, analyzing and using data, and building strong relationships with students.”

Jefferson, OH

Kent State UniversitySociology and Psychology
“In order to get where you want and need to be in life, you need the building blocks of a good education. “

Medina, OH

Lisa I. – Math Tutor – Medina, OH
Baldwin Wallace CollegeMathematics
“I believe in breaking concepts down into short bullets, and then exploring each bullet.”

Middletown, OH

Howard UniversityChemical Engineering
“I believe that every person has the seeds of greatness inside of them.”

Newark, OH

Amy S. – Elementary Education Tutor – Newark, OH
Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityEarly Childhood Education
“I believe in a creative, fun filled, environment for the students’ interest in what they are learning.”

Obetz, OH

Indiana Wesleyan UniversityEnglish Education
“The biggest key is having someone that wants you to have success. I desire to be that teacher for my students.”

Olmsted Falls, OH

Tim M. – English Tutor – Olmsted Falls, OH
Baldwin Wallace UniversityEnglish
“The trick to educating people is discovering their intrinsic motivators and applying them to educational principles.”

Painesville, OH

Indiana Wesleyan University Elementary Education
“The ultimate goal of my teaching is to create a safe environment where students are engaged, energized and enthusiastic about learning, so that they become self-managed, confident and independent learners.”